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Xerox® is the world leader in car park systems. With more than 46 years of experience our team has deployed more than 1500 car parks all over the world. We offer a complete solution including the equipment, the car park management system, the installation and the on site maintenance.

Our products are reliable and robust. They are equipped with Reflex, an intuitive and easy to use guiding system developed by our research department. Our offer also includes Multipark® a centralised management system composed of a series of user friendly applications designed to help our customers increase their revenues and optimise their operation costs.

From the world's busiest airport to Europe's busiest hospital, Xerox can tailor the right solution no matter how big or busy.

 The Xerox® benefits: 

  • Ease of use thanks to Reflex the visual guiding system developed by Xerox 
  • Future secured thanks to Multipark® the Xerox centralised management system